Makeup Application Guide

Applying Mineral Foundation

To apply mineral foundation, you’ll need a kabuki, flat top, or  powder brush. (See our Brushes/Accessories page for these different options.) If you want lighter coverage, a powder brush will do as it does not pick up quite as much minerals as a powder brush does.

Once you’ve decided on a brush, have also on hand your foundation and the mineral foundation lid or a small saucer/bowl. Tap just a little bit (around 1/16th teaspoon) onto the lid or saucer/bowl and take your brush of choice and swirl around to pick up the minerals. Proceed to apply the minerals to your face; there is no set rule on direction but many have found it best to start toward the middle of your face and buff toward your ears, forehead, and chin to best blend the color.

To cover blemishes or other imperfections, use a small concealer brush and dot on and lightly blend.  

Make sure to apply in light layers. If you use too much powder initially, you can get a very heavy, cakey look that will look less natural and may even accentuate fine lines you did not know you had! Although adorned with Grace foundation is high coverage, you can simply use a minute amount to help even out your skintone or mix a little of our Celestial Silkening Powder to lighten the coverage if you are one of the lucky ones whose complexion is closer to perfect! 

Also, don't forget to moisturize whether or not you have oily, normal, or dry skin.

Because minerals are powder, they can be less hydrating than traditional makeup. Jojoba oil is great for those with oily (as well as normal & dry) skin as it provides excellent moisturizing AND helps fight blemishes! Other tips: For added oil-control, use some of our Heavenly Rice Powder or Divine Oil-Control Powder (for super oily skin) prior to AND after applying the foundation on your oilier areas.

If you want a smoother application, try applying the minerals with a dampened flocked sponge. Have a clean saucer/bowl to sprinkle some minerals onto (not your mineral foundation lid as water will compromise the shelf-life) and dip your damp sponge into the minerals and gently smooth across your face in even strokes. Apply until you are satisfied with the finish.

Applying Mineral Blush

adorned with Grace blushes are well-pigmented and you       literally  only need to use grains at a time! It is best to use a stipple/skunk brush, such as our Premium Mini Duo Fiber, since it is made to pick up a smaller amount of product. If all you have is a regular blush/powder brush, just make sure to apply with a very light hand and/or mix a little of your foundation or our Celestial Silkening Powder to dilute the color. 

Applying Mineral Eyeshadow/Eyeliner

Mineral eyeshadows work well with a primer for optimal lasting power. The most effective and popular favorite is Urban Decay Primer Potion.

However, you can also use your favorite cream concealer if you don't want to spend the extra money. It is most important, however, to use an eyeshadow brush vs. the foam applicators for a smoother and more even application.   As you apply to your eyes, make sure to lightly dab it on instead of using  large blending strokes for more shimmery/glittery shades if you want to keep some of the shine. However, blend away if you'd prefer a more semi-matte look.

To use the loose mineral eyecolors as eyeliner, simply take a dampened fine eyeliner brush and apply like liquid eyeliner. You can also apply it dry for a smokier effect.

Applying Powder

Most of our face powders are used to either prime your face in preparation for mineral foundation application or to add a nice finish to your overall makeup look.

Regardless of whether or not you start or finish with our powders, the best application is first use a powder puff (don't overload the puff with too much!) and gently press onto the areas you wish to prime or touch up. Allow it to sit for 2-5 minutes to soak into your skin and then take a fluffy powder brush and GENTLY whisk away the excess. This is an excellent method for those with troublesome oily patches as it allows the product to work to its potential.

The only exception would be for our Celestial Silkening Powder which was formulated to either add into your foundation and/or powders or on top of your makeup to add a dewy finish. The best way to apply our Celestial Powder on top of your makeup would be with a fluffy powder or stipple brush for the most natural look. Simply tap some of the powder onto the lid (to avoid getting too much excess) and lightly dip your brush in and swirl; then tap to get rid of additional excess and then lightly sweep across the areas of your face where you want that extra shine.