Choosing A Foundation Color

Choosing A Foundation Color Family

adorned with Grace has seven different color families with varying numbers of shades within each. One of the easiest ways to narrow down your selection is to email us at and we can try to help you figure out your best color(s). When you do email us, make sure to let us know what colors have worked for you in the past and/or what you think your undertones might be.

However, if this is your first time trying to figure out your skin’s undertones and shade level, you may need to try several techniques in determining that. One of the most basic ways is to hold a bright white sheet of paper next to your face as you look at a mirror in a well lit room and guess what undertones your skin might have:   

*If you see a lot of orange you likely have strong peachy undertones and may match the Kindness (Peach) or Grace (Peach, Olive, & Golden) category. 
*If you see a lot of yellow, you likely have strong yellow/golden undertones and may match Love (Yellow with slight Peach) or Hope (Yellow/Olive). 
*If you see a strong green, you likely have strong olive undertones and may match Peace (Neutral Olive), Grace (Peach, Olive, & Golden), or Hope 

 *If you see mainly a neutral golden brown, you likely have neutral undertones and may match Faith (Golden Brown) or Peace (Neutral Olive).   

 *If you think you see several undertones, you may need to choose our “hard to match” color families like Grace (Peach, Olive, & Golden) or Charity (Neutral Olive with strong Yellow and slight Peach undertones) 

Choosing a Foundation Shade Level  

Our colors families are arranged  in degrees of light to dark . Currently our darkest shades fall in the 4.5 range and the lightest color is in the 2.0 range. So when choosing colors, keep this in mind:   

1.0 - Ultra Fair (no current colors)

2.0 - Very Fair

2.5/2.8 - Fair

3.0 - Fair Medium

3.5 - Medium Fair

3.8 - Medium

4.0 - Medium

4.2 - Medium

4.5 - Medium Tan

*Any color past 4.5 has not been developed yet 

Testing Possible Matches

One method to figure out the best color among your samples is to do a jawline test. Apply each shade vertically along your jawline and which ever color seems to blend in the best is probably your match.Make sure to test your foundation in various lighting: home, office, daylight, and evening to ensure a natural look in all settings. As an added note, remember to give your skin a minimum of thirty minutes to adjust to the foundation as it tends to mix with your skin’s natural oils and darken. To speed up the process, you can spritz your makeup with a little water mixed with just a smidgen of moisturizer or non-comedegenic oil such as jojoba. 

Be aware that adorned with Grace Foundation is fairly high coverage. You will literally only need grains at a time applied with a large fluffy brush (kabuki, flat top, or powder) or it will feel too heavy, chalky, and/or may emphasize fine lines. If you feel the coverage is too heavy, try some of our Celestial Silkening Powder mixed in to give you a dewier finish.