Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find a foundation match?

Check out an early entry from our blog for this info! Finding a Foundation Match. You can also check out the link within our website Choosing A Foundation Color. If you still feel like you need help email us at

2. I don't see a color that seems to suit me. Will you be coming out with more foundation colors soon?

Yes and no. Yes, we may likely develop more colors (especially for darker tones past 4.5) for those that fall in the Olive/Yellow range since this line was specifically created for those skintones. No, if you have a cooler/pinker tone. However, we never say never, and if this line continues to grow, it is always possible. Just not in the near future.

3. How long is your current TAT? (Turn around time)

Orders are currently being processed within 24-48 hours and then shipped out. However, any orders placed late Friday may not be processed until Sunday evening at the earliest.

For U.S. orders, depending on where you live, may get your order within 5-8 days of placing your order. International orders can take between 10 days to eight weeks from the time it is shipped out; please wait at least 6-8 weeks before emailing us regarding possible lost packages.

4. What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept credit cards, Venmo & PayPal for all orders. We are also set up to take Cryptocurrency through Coinbase. If you are International, just make sure you are using an International credit card or it will not accept your payment.

For International orders, including Canada, please note that we are not equipped to take wire transfers, money orders, and personal checks.

Will will no longer be accepting Checks or Money Orders.

5. How much is your Shipping to International countries?

Standard shipping: $14.99 (2-4 wks)

Free Standard shipping on Canadian orders $75 or more  (10-25 business days)

Standard orders will ship USPS and do not include customs fees. Please understand that you are responsible for any customs fees, duties or taxes. Transit time does not include delays due to customs processing.

Also, please do not request we place "gift" in the Customs Form. We believe that would be fraud and will not do so.

International Shipping: $25.00 (2-4 wks). This is a huge increase from 10 years ago and we apologize for this but it is something out of our hands at the moment. Prices have changed greatly since we were last open!

6. What is your Return Policy?

No refunds or returns unless you have a defective items. Also, this is why we offer Samples so it is less of a risk than getting a full-sized product.

7. Are your swatch photographs pretty accurate?

The colors were adjusted to best match what you would see in person. However, due to the variances in computer monitors, what you see may not be completely accurate.

If you are unsure about a color, feel free to email us at or try an inexpensive $1.50 sample to make sure.

8. What is the shelf life of your minerals?

The shelf life of our minerals are indefinite. The biggest problem in keeping them from expiring is whether or not they come into contact with liquids/moisture which can encourage bacterial growth.

Make sure to keep them in a moisture-free area and if any kind of liquid does come in contact with them, to be aware that the shelf-life may have been compromised.

When you are foiling your pigments or using the wet, flocked sponge method of applying your foundation, that your dampened applicator does not come in contact with the jar or minerals but that you have a separate mixing palette or bowl.

We personally recommend not keeping a product more than two years if you are uneasy about the shelf life. It is part of the reason we keep the jars in the smaller sizes, esp. blushes and eyeshadows because a little goes a long way and it is more fun to experiment with lots of colors!

16. Are your brushes "Cruelty-Free?"

Yes, they are! We have confirmed with our brush suppliers that they are cruelty-free. In fact, our Premium Line of brushes are 100% vegan and assembled here in the USA! (Except the Premium Kabuki and Mini Dual Ended Eyeshadow brush which are made in China).

17. What ingredients do you use in your products?

The ingredients are listed when you click on each item's description, just read on down. They are very specific to each product since many of the eyeshadows and blushes vary in ingredients. This is done for your convenience so you know exactly what you are getting with each and every product!!!

Please also note that we DO NOT USE the following items: Bismuth oxychloride, talc, dyes, ferric ferrocyanide, cornstarch, or any micronized ingredients. All the makeup products are made with VEGAN ingredients!