About Us

My name is Franchesca Jones,  and I am the creator and owner of adorned with Grace. This company started out of a desire to make a foundation color for my own hard-to-match yellow/olive toned (Asian) skin. Although there were a few companies that seemed to sell colors that were “close enough” and was even happy with buying it from someone else, my own creative curiosity peaked at the thought of formulating my own colors and creating my idea of the perfect finish and coverage. 

As I realized how much fun it was, I thought that there were surely many other yellow/olive toned ladies like myself who would benefit from a company that made colors for our unique skin-tones; there aren't that many companies that seemed to specialize in this particular niche! 

I also wanted to create a brand that celebrated the things that defined true beauty. Sure, you can put on my makeup or even some higher-end expensive makeup and feel outwardly prettier, but what's in our heart is what really shines to those around us. The names each of the products are descriptions or traits that we must remind ourselves are what really make us beautiful. That is one of the reasons you'll notice I rarely capitalize the "a" & "w" (in "adorned with") as I hope that when you see our company name, you notice the "Grace"  first of all! 

In addition, some of my own standards that I looked for in other cosmetic companies, I am applying to my own: basic, as close to natural and healthy products as possible; a great quality product and fair shipping prices; eyeshadow and blush colors that are natural and everyday friendly, yet with splashes of color; and a simple, yet efficient way of doing business! 

I know this line may not appeal to everyone, but that is the beauty of it! We are all unique and we have to find what works best for us. What a boring world it would be if we all liked the same makeup or sense of style! I just hope to fulfill a need in the beauty industry for those who have similar wants and needs as mine! If you know of someone who might like our products and theme, make sure to refer them to our site!